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Bookmark Los Angeles is here to share our knowledge and love for LA with everyone.


Can I contribute to Bookmark Los Angeles?

Anyone with love for L.A. is encouraged to contribute to Bookmark L.A., however we cannot offer compensation. We will give full credit on any material used. Also, we are looking for inspired Angelenos to join the staff, so if you’d like to be considered, please contact bookmarklosangeles@gmail.com with your resume and an intro letter.

I’ve got some juicy tips! Who do I send them to?

Have a restaurant you want us to try out? Know of an activity we didn’t mention? Saw something you probably shouldn’t have? We are here for it. Email us the details and anything else we should know!

I have an event coming up, can I submit it to Bookmark L.A.?

No doubt fam! Send us an email with all the details.

Please include:

  • Event Title
  • Location
  • Date and Time of The Event
  • What It’s About and Important Information (DUH!)
  • Photo

My business would like to advertise on Bookmark L.A. Can We?

We cater to all corporate overlords. Contact us and we can help promote your product, contest, giveaway and the like.