3 Brands with Underrated Social Media Marketing Campaigns


Almost 92% of marketers in 2014 stated that social media usage was valuable to their business, with 80% indicating their use increased traffic to their websites.

It seems that every business has some type of social media account these days. While it is true that social media is a powerful tool that should be incorporated into every business’ content marketing plan, companies often make mistakes that negatively impact their brand image.

Let’s look at some examples of companies doing an excellent job on social media.



Denny’s social media presence is an interesting one. The company posts anything it finds to be silly, outrageous, or foolish, even when it doesn’t necessarily pertain to its products.

Their bizarre social-media strategy has resonated with young adults leading to an increase in follower and fan growth by 150%. No, Denny’s did not hire a pot smoking breakfast-loving teenager to tend to its unique social media presence.

The reason the brand has experienced 900 million social impressions and 15 million engagements over the last two years is referred to as social currency. Denny’s audience is responsive to the content they post because it is humorous.

imageWe all love to laugh and we all love to make other people laugh, too. It makes us feel good to make others feel good. This kind of content makes people feel good about themselves when they share. It makes them look good when sharing with a friend.

Friends of people who share Denny’s tweets might think, “My friend is so funny.” This is the essence of social currency and Denny’s is a leader in the concept.


Dove has taken social media marketing to another level with its “Campaign for Real Beauty.” This campaign has made a tremendous emotional impact on their costumers. After conducting surveys, it was discovered that only 4% of women found themselves beautiful. Dove created a plan.

The plan was simple – help women feel proud about their natural beauty.


In 2013, Dove released a video titled Real Beauty Sketches. The video featured an FBI trained artist who drew women based on two descriptions. One description was from the woman who was being draw. The other was from another woman.

The end result was two sketches. The drawings from another woman’s description showed the women as more attractive than the drawings from their perceived looks. The video was published on YouTube channels, and within a month had received over 114 million views.

Dove’s video creates a sense of happiness, warmth and pride, targeting the key emotions that make an effective social media campaign. It also makes viewers want to share the content with their friends to spread the happiness even further. This is because we often share things that are touching, amazing or make us laugh, something the ad did very well.

GoPro Cameras

When we share information, it is often conveyed in the form of a story. That is because it is such a powerful tool. Stories come in many different forms. For GoPro, the company looks externally for amazing social media posts by harnessing the power of user-generated stories.

The camera maker encourages those using its product to send in their best shots. Not only does this make for great content to share on social media, but it also shows off the product in action.

As a result, GoPro has amassed millions of user-created stories. This has effectively transformed the brand into a digital marketing company.


The shift in their business model is a testament to the importance of storytelling. Storytelling uncovers the human side of a brand. People like to connect with other people – not with corporations. People do not buy products anymore; rather the stories that these products represent.

GoPro’s goal was to create a personal brand that resonates with their audience & to do that, it is important that their brand tell a story. Social media was not just used as a distribution channel to them, but rather as a conversation channel.

These companies are effective in social media marketing because they try to reach their audience with share worthy content. Their content speaks to them on an emotional level that often leads to the formation of a deeper connection. Finally, they are able to convey a clear message through storytelling so their audience will listen and engage.


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