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How I Doubled My Web Traffic Using Social Media


Social media is a very effective business and blogging tool used for sharing content to large and diverse audiences. Social media channels make it possible for millions, even billions, of people to be exposed to your content. It is no wonder why marketers from all over the world have embraced its popularity with open arms.

As mentioned, social media has become central to many people’s lives and as a marketer its your job to adapt.


But how do you reach these prospective clients effectively?

In order for your content to go viral on social media, your company must have a plan in place.

First, it is important to understand that social media marketing and content marketing are not the same, though they are often confused due to there being overlap between them. With social media marketing, the focus of activity is centered in social media channels alone.

Content marketing is all about your brands website. Essentially, your company website or blog should be the center of your content marketing strategy, as this is where you will direct your followers to form a more meaningful relationship on a platform you own.


Before you jump right into it and introduce your content to social media users, your business should have a clear understanding of what is referred to as the hub and spoke model.

The hub is where your content is published first. You are constantly researching, creating and publishing main pieces of content for your business’ web page. This your hub.

Do not confuse the hub for the company blog.

The hub is essential because without it your content will be unorganized and therefore not as effective as it otherwise could be.

Social media channels are the spokes of the model.

You should create many spokes that relate back to a significant piece of content to promote, support, and drive significant traffic to it. As previously mentioned, if the hub is not done correctly, your spokes will appear to be a collection of miscellaneous pieces and formats of content that are not tied to any strategy; unorganized.

The spokes are just as important, though. Without them, the hub would lack promotion and distribution of your content.

As a result, your content will not receive the site traffic it deserves. The spokes can be a series of blog posts related to the hub, a press release, social media posts, infographics, videos, or paid promotions back your pieces of content.


This is where social media can become a vital tool for your business or blog to leverage in it’s content marketing.

Social media works in tandem with your content to create a dialog with with your target audience. Essentially, it is the vehicle that drives your content in the direction you want it to go.

It is true that social platforms foster an environment of greater brand awareness, customer retention, and customer satisfaction through communication with consumers.


Social media is useful for a three main reasons.

1.  Tracking Effectiveness

It is extremely easy to track how your content is performing. Using the analytic functions available on social media, it is easy to see what kind of content your audience is most engaged with; Likes, shares, link clicks and comments.

2. Knowing your Audience

By using social media, you will be able to distinguish when your audience is engaging your content. This will allow you to tailor your content to a specific audience persona and drive engagement in the right direction. A great tip for social media engagement is to keep track of trending topics that are relevant to your business. This will give you tremendous insight into the way your customers think. More importantly, social media allows you to restructure your content so that you can reach different audience personas with the same content. You can implement this by simply highlighting different aspects of your content on different platforms.

3. Reusing Content

Another benefit of using social media the ease of repurposing old content. For example, sharing an infographic that was previously in the format of a blog post can increase retweets on Twitter upwards of 150%. That is an astronomical leap in engagement and allows you to save time so that you can focus on creating new content.

Social platforms also provide you with the opportunity to mine for future content based on conversations related to you. Listening to customer conversations about your brand’s products or blog can help you uncover how people are already engaging with you and the topics they are most interested. It is then easy to understand the tone being used.

I would be remiss if I talked about social media marketing with out mentioning the term, or the profession rather, brand influencer. Brand influencer is a term that has gained a lot of popularity riding the coattails of content marketing.


In fact, influencer marketing is now part of marketing strategy for many companies.

This is because discovering and engaging with influencers can give your content the boost it needs to become popular. Furthermore, you can enjoy the fact that you will be putting your content in front of the influencers group of followers.

Ultimately, social media discovery in general, and the rise of influencer marketing, has helped many businesses become successful in content marketing. But, before you create several accounts online, it is important to understand that your content should start at your company web page.

Social media should be used to promote and share that content found on your hub. Social media can help you distribute the content on your website, bringing you more traffic and sales of course.

Use this tool wisely.

Try implementing these tactics during the week and let us know if it helped!

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