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Increase Your Chances of Winning A NIKE SNKRS Draw Using This Method

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Nike has always made an effort to combat bots that snatch up limited edition sneakers faster than a sneakerhead can type “Air Jordan.”

Their online drawing system is the latest attempt at doing so. The draw gives sneakerheads a chance to reserve new releases through the SNKRS app.

Customers sign in to the SNKRS app with their Nike account, which sends a message to their mobile devices. There, you can select a desired shoe, size, and a computer will randomly select the winners.


Indeed, this latest attempt by the brand to deter bots has been their most effective to date. Yet, some have figured out a way to significantly increase their chances of being selected in the draw. 


Customers have begun to enter the draw hundreds of times over with a simple trick to make more accounts – therefore more entries and more chances to win.

I will show you how to make unlimited SNKRS verified accounts.

These accounts can then be entered into any drawing on the SNKRS app to significantly increase your chances of being selected.


First, you will need an application that will allow you to generate free phone numbers. This is important because all SNKRS accounts must be verified through text message. TEXTNOW is a popular choice. Another application that you can use is Burner. This app will cost you $1.30 per number you create, but it is a bit faster and more organized.

You will also need a google email address. I suggest making a new Gmail account dedicated to entering Nike Draws. The reason is you will be receiving hundreds, if not thousands of emails from entering accounts in the system.

When creating your new Gmail account, make sure your username has a lot of characters.

For example:

This is very important because you will need to use the email dot trick. This trick will make it seem as if a different email account is being register, but all emails will be sent to the original email used (

Once your email is created, click here to visit the Gmail Dot Generator. Paste in your newly created Gmail address, and copy the first couple hundred emails.

These are the emails you will register.

Try to keep the number and Gmail that are associated with one another together. Nike may ask you to occasionally re-verify the phone number.

You are now ready to begin registering your accounts on the SNKRS app. When Nike posts a drawing on their Twitter. you will have approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete your entries.

Good Luck!


DISCLAIMER: I am not encouraging anyone to use this method. This is strictly for educational purposes and to show people why they rarely win Nike Draws. I do not use this method, personally. Use this at your own risk.

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