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Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles


The best food in Los Angeles isn’t found in any of the swanky restaurants around town. Everyone here knows the most fulfilling eats come from the many food trucks that roam the city streets.

Luckily for all our foodies out there, we tracked down the three best food trucks in L.A.

1. Free Range LA


The Free Range truck specializes in fried chicken sandwiches and boy do they make a mean one!

This is some of the best bird we have found anywhere in town.

Our favorite item on the menu is the Original Free Range LA Chicken Sandwich, made with tempura fried chicken, fresno chili coleslaw, and whole grain honey mustard sauce on a toasted Portuguese bun. It’s juicy and tender on the inside, and the batter is light and airy with a crunch!


The sandwich is not complete without a side of crispy potatoes. There are also non-chicken items—breakfast sandwiches and avocado toast—but fried chicken sandwiches are what people from all over are lining up for.

2. Mariscos Jaliscos


Located in Boyle Heights, Mariscos Jalisco is a seafood truck serving up ceviche, seafood cocktails, oysters and the best shrimp tacos in LA. Since first trying their shrimp taco’s, we have been unable to get them out of our minds!


The shrimp tacos are made in the style of “San Juan de Los Lagos” with a crispy golden brown outer shell, savory and fresh shrimp inside, topped with savory salsa roja and avocado. Make sure to save room for their legendary tostadas.

3. Grilled Cheese Truck


One of the more famous trucks in L.A., the Grilled Cheese Truck serves the best –you guessed it, grilled cheese! The Grilled Cheese Truck takes on classic versions of its namesake along with a slew of other variations.

Try the ol’ Cheesy Mac and Rib, Goat Cheese Melt (on Nine-Grain Bread) and Dessert Melts–all popular choices that are quite delicious!


If that’s not enough, there’s a ton of extras you can get added on, like bacon, smoked pork and even apples and pickles – if you’re into that kind of thing.

It’s not your mama’s grilled cheese, but it’s still pretty dang good and one of our favorite food trucks in L.A.

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