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How to Buy Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 For Retail

YZY SZN is once again upon us. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is releasing in the “Cream White” colorway Saturday in limited quantities. Those who have miraculously managed to cop a pair of the ever-elusive silhouette by Kanye West and Adidas know the glory of receiving that early morning confirmation email. But for as many wins, just as many sneakerheads have come away empty-footed.

Personally, I have been blessed by the sneaker gods (special thanks to @Solemartyr) and have copped almost every Yeezy released to date. But, it wasn’t any easy battle. Millions of hypebeasts from all over the globe stay up for days attempting to cook a full size run from sites you’ve never even heard of. Kanye told Harper’s Bazaar that only 40,000 pairs of Yeezys are made for each drop. You do the math. Whether that is true or not, make no mistake, everyone who buys Yeezys is defying incredible odds.


So how do you cop when the full fury of SneakerTwitter’s bots are running nonstop? To provide a little bit of hope of even carting a pair, I have put together a few tips.

Have A Game Plan

I know you want to stunt your confirmation email on Instagram or Twitter for dudes you’ve probably never met before. I know you need them gone seconds after purchasing.

That isn’t going to happen without some dedication and a game plan. European websites release earlier than the U.S. If you’re not trying to cop from UK boutiques and websites all night, you’re already ensuring yourself a big L. Have a schedule, make a list of all the sites releasing the shoes, and know when they’re going online. If you’re trying to cop multiples, it’s all about preparation for the release.

Be Prepared

If you have ever felt the pure adrenaline rush of carting a pair of Yeezys, you know there are only minutes – if not seconds – to checkout before being cart jacked. Adidas usually drops Yeezys between 7-8am PST on Saturday morning. Be prepared to checkout immediately to greatly increase your chances of copping. I wouldn’t advise checking out with PayPal on Adidas.


Doing so could trigger the dreaded checkout loop and could cost you your pair. Instead, write your payment details out in a note on your computer, then copy and paste them to fly through checkout. Some websites allow you to register or sign in so your info will already be on there. If all else fails, create a chrome autofill profile to automatically fill your details in.

Use Social Media

Using social media is essential if you want to cop a pair of Yeezys. Deep within Twitter lies a community of characters who collectively make up what is often referred to as “SneakerTwitter.” Sneaker accounts such as @Solelinks, @Deadlaced, @Copthese, @SneakerAlertHD and many more dedicated time to creating lists of raffles, links and drop information for their followers. The ability to click a direct link posted by the mentioned users makes Twitter versatile and useful for copping Yeezys. They do, however, have tens of thousands of followers who are also clicking those links causing whatever site being linked to crash. When that happens, sit back and enjoy the endless entertainment provided by sneakerheads going back and forth in Twitter fights.

Put in The Work

Bots are a big problem for enthusiasts trying to cop and a big help to resellers snatching a full size run from sites you can’t even pronounce. Because of this, it is quite common to see popular stores raffling off the chance to purchase a pair of Yeezys. Raffles are the current best way for stores to defeat the bots. Enter as many raffles as you can – both online and instore. Download the Adidas Confirmed app for an even early chance of an L (seriously who has won on there!?).


Check-in at your local Footlocker, Champs, Footaction and sign up for their rewards program for a head start at reserving a pair. Create a dedicated email account to enter raffles so your personal email isn’t spammed with garbage roshe runs for years to come. For smaller stores, use the Gmail DOT Trick, in which you can use one Gmail Account to register multiple times for a raffle. Your mum always told you “nothing worth having comes easy” for a reason. This is exactly why. Put in the leg work.


Try to purchase your pair on on Saturday morning. Opening an incognito chrome browser tab has always allowed me to bypass the splash page. Have patience.

Most importantly, keep your sanity and remain persistent. They’re just shoes after all, fam. You can always pick up the suspiciously similar looking Adidas Tubular Shadow (NOT YEEZYS!).


I am not responsible for the subsequent roasting you will receive. I hope these tips allow you to be one of the very few who walk away with Yeezys this weekend.

Stay tuned for an update on the aftermath after Saturday’s 4/29/17 release.

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